Thursday, 16 July 2009

Well we are now well into a typical English Summer, we have had the usual week of hot weather and now it’s onto the rain/sun/rain/sun weather that we are all used to at this time of year. The fishing continues to be consistent if not spectacular with me banking a few fish, nothing huge but nice to catch all the same as it keeps the confidence up. The past 8 days has seen me do 4 shortish sessions on the Warks Avon.
The 1st of these sessions saw me on the banks for about 7pm, fishing the feeder with lamprey mini mix sandwiched between ground bait and 12mm spiced liver and lamprey boilies as hookbait. I fished through till midnight and caught 6 chub of probably a 3lb average and 1 barbel of 6lbs. The following morning after a few household chores I felt that a few more fish could be had from the previous evenings swim. With the rod still made up and all my gear still in the car I was on the river and fishing in double quick time. Before long I was into the 1st fish of the day, a small chub of about 2lbs. This was followed by a further 3 chub and 1 barbel of 8lbs. Things went quiet early afternoon once the narrow boats got moving so having caught a few fish I packed up at 3 pm and went home.
Work then ensued for a few days but it wasn’t long before I was on the riverbank again. The Warks Avon was again the venue. It was originally going to be a small tributary of the Avon but after spending half an hour fighting through undergrowth to get 300 yards then finding myself 20 yards from the river with no way of fighting the brambles or nettles I tracked back and changed venues. I was on the river for late afternoon and again the method of attack was little and often with the feeder to try and build a swim up. I fished on until 11pm and managed to catch 2 barbel, 1 chub and 1 bream. Neither of the barbel were what you would call specimens but both had a good go of relieving me of my rod. The smaller of the 2 being only about 1.5lbs but managing to drag my rod into the river as I put my phone down, my only catching it as the reel hit my knee on its way into the water! The next morning my dad joined me for the day as he doesn’t fish very often. We got on the river for 6am but this time I decided to do things a little differently to try and attract the larger specimens. On arrival I baitdroppered 2 pints of hemp and 1 tin of corn into a margin swim along with a dozen hookbait samples of my chosen boilie. Whilst this was ‘getting to work’ I set my dad’s rod up for him. To give him a chance of catching a variety of species I set him up on a lighter rig that still had enough power in reserve to handle a barbel should he hook one. This involved a barbel quiver tip rod with 4oz insert, 8lb Fox soft steel mainline, 6lb Drennan double strength hooklength and size 12 hook with 2 small salmon Elips pellets as hookbaits, this was fished in conjunction with a pellet/ground bait feeder. This done I was ready to sort my rod out. Today’s rig consisted of a short 6 inch hooklength, semi fixed 2oz lead and a small backlead to pin it all down. At the business end I fished 12mm Spiced Liver and Lamprey boilie with a stringer of the same broken into pieces, the whole lot dunked into a sticky, smelly pot of barbel pro. Throughout the course of the day I managed 3 barbel of 4lbs, 5lbs and 6lbs and 1 chub, Dad had 1 barbel of 2lbs and 1 small chub, the bigger fish unfortunately eluding both of us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable days fishing though with a steady catch rate throughout the day. Back to work for the rest of the week now but the Teme is calling me for next week so hopefully I will come into contact with my 1st ‘Teme Tiger’.

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