Wednesday, 13 January 2010

2010 Already??? Surely Not!!

Well here we are, 2010. Happy New Year everyone. After being asked if I was carrying on my Blog via an angler on another forum I thought it was about time I updated it. Little did I realise it had been so long since I wrote an entry!!!! The time since July has passed so quickly it's frightening. As I cant recall blow by blow accounts of my fishing in the 2nd half of 2009 I do keep a diary as such and so will attempt to do a month by month review starting in August. So here goes, I hope you enjoy it.


August was a month of 1sts for me and my barbel fishing. I had been driving over a stretch of tiny Warwickshire Avon tributary for some time and really fancies giving it a go. This river is no more than a stream and in most places it is only a rod length wide. It has no history of barbel as such ( a few stories but not exactly prolific) but I was convinced it had the potential to throw up a fish or 2. Myself and a friend Ashley Burton had concocted a plan to fish as many rivers as possible for barbel in a 24 hour period. We chose the date and I met him at his home in Hinckley. The venues we had chosen were a mixture of the known and unknown, the Trent, Soar, Anker, Warks Avon and Severn amongst them. Unfortunately conditions went against us and we failed in our challenge on the whole but I did manage the only barbel of the challenge from this tiny tributary of the Warks Avon and with it having no existing official river record there is certainly potential for the future.
Other highlights of August were a 12.02 Barbel off the Warks Avon and my 1st ever barbel 'on the pin' of about 3lb.

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